25 years old, vegan, born and raised in south Florida, travel chosen to be experienced by foot.

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  1. Hey I am also from Juoiter Florida. I am currently at Franconia Notch NOBO. I am at home getting dental work done and plan on returning next week to finish this thing. 363 miles to go, where are you? On trail or planning?


    • Hey kevin! I’m going to find you on Facebook if that’s ok! Still planning and training and saving for me. I plan to leave june 1st sobo.

      Awesome to know there’s more hikers in this area! Hit me up sometime when you’re itching for some trail.

      – jupiter


      • Been home since 10/4. Got off for the season in Monson, Maine as it was getting cold and I didn’t want to buy a warmer bag. Going back this June with my wife and hiking Monson to Kathadin. We might run into each other up there. I am thinking about hiking the Ocean to Lake trail, but maybe waiting another month to see if some of this rain gets out of here. Great luck to you, it will be an amazing experience trust me. Life changing.


  2. Greetings, just wanted to reach out to say thank you for taking the time to publish. Your tips and guidance (everything from Aquamira drops to Leokotape to generally keeping lightweight) allowed the lovely wife and myself to hike the OTL this week in three days. We worked hard, saw some amazing sights, and had an overall great time. Certainly some physically and mentally trying parts but on the whole it was a fantastic experience. I owe you a beer sometime if you’re interested – seriously, I’m in Jupiter so hit me up. Also, do let me know if you ever if you ever want a partner to knock out a quick trip in the area. I personally am interested in covering the OTL in two days in the next few months. Thanks again and best of luck on the ECT. Will be following you.


    • Three days is rough! I’m impressed! It’s been such a high rain year I encourage you to head out on an overnight or some day hikes next Jan-March, as it will likely be bone dry! What a thought right? Did you two run into my friend and local FTA chapter chair, Roy? He had mentioned a couple. Were you guys the ones looking for patches? If so Roy is the man! You certainly have earned them.

      I could get down with a beer or two, but my work schedule is weird. Either way, you can find me on Facebook as “Jupiter Hikes,” as well.

      Two days, now that’s something. I’d like you to seriously consider what it would take to go an extra 10 miles after already doing 20! It’s certainly an experience based around the hike, and not at all the camp. It takes me about 10 hours, with maybe one or two short breaks to knock out 31 miles. I’ll usually arrive at camp just in time to go to sleep. If you’re up for it, let me know, and it will be considered. I am meaning to head out there once or twice more in the next couple months.


      • Surprisingly we didn’t see a soul when we were out this time – I have done a number of long day hikes over portions of the trail and usually see at least one thru hiker. I did see a couple in JDSP last Sunday when I was doing a trial 26 mile day with a loaded pack. They were on their first day and were shooting for a five day trip. I expected to meet them at the lake end on Weds or so, when we set out, but never saw them. So they may have wrapped up earlier than expected for whatever reason. Hopefully they made better time than intended.

        Either way two days is definitely ambitious. Not sure really why I even want to other than why not?? Still in the consideration phase of that idea… The wife and I were blown away at the thought of people ultra-marathoning it. Don’t honestly see how it’s possible even if in the summer (wet!!) when the days are long.

        Anyway would love to reach out on Facebook but I seem to be the only person in our generation without an acct (yet). But like I said if you ever want a partner to do a fast-paced somewhat minimalist hike then do let me know. I believe you can access my email address via this site? Either way I’m serious about the beer sometime – would love to pick your brain on all matters hiking. I live in Abacoa and have a somewhat flexible schedule.

        Reading your tarp article now. Awesome stuff. Thanks again for your efforts in sharing this info.


      • PS – we had a gator experience of a similar magnitude to yours in your lollipop post. Son of a gun was laying underwater smack dab in the middle of the trail in hole in the wall. Would have literally stepped on him without knowing had I not been wearing polarized glasses. We were easily within ten feet and he was 6-8 feet. We gave it a wide berth but it shook us up quite badly. And by quite badly I mean it scared the day lights out of us. Great times!


      • Yeah let’s go get a beer. That’s super strange! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this trail without any issue with snakes or gators. At least it’s a good story hahah!


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